[Solved] GT2 belts slipping

Hey all,

Ive been having trouble keeping my belts on the y tensioned. my y gantries are 180cm and that might have something to do with it. It seems like only a couple of teeth stay interlocked while the rest of the belt slips into the maker slide. anytime i add ANY amount of tension the teeth just slip. ive checked about 4 times to make sure that i was assembling properly.

at this point i was considering using some polyurethane glue (gorrila glue) to bond the end of the belt to the inside of the loop.

If someone more experienced with gt2 belt systems could tell me if this is a good solution or not. only draw back i really see is that over time the belts stretch and at somepoint i will max out the tension clips; leaving me no other option but to purchase new belts

I had planned on using some Gorilla glue myself if I couldn’t get my belts tight, but so far so good. If you absolutely can’t get them to stay put, I’d recommend no more than a small drop at the location I have circled here. That will be more than enough to keep it from slipping, but should still be able to be separated again if you should need to at some point.

Also - if your belts end up stretching so much that you’ve maxed out the tension clips, it’s going to be time to get new ones anyway. :smile:

Plenty of good info here on the other belt slip thread, most folks are binding the belt with either tape, shrinkwrap, or even zip tie’s
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Use a quick wrap or two of electrical tape. You’ll probably have to re-tension once or twice. Once it seems like it’s settled down, I’ll probably do one final tensioning and use a bit of heat-shrink tubing instead.

Disregard my previous post - these guys have much better ideas, and I hadn’t seen the belt slip thread. Carry on without me. :smiley:

a small zip tie around the belt there where its circled above fixed my slipping issue

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Routing the belt as seen below works for me.

I’ve had good luck with heat shrink. It holds tight, flexes as the belt moves, and looks good. It’s also pretty easy to remove with a small blade facing outward and inserted into the open end (so the blade faces away from the belts)

I can confirm that 1-1.5inch long strip of electric tape holds the belts.

I had the same problem on my X-Axis. The machine was attempting to cut a circle but it came out oval, even flat in some areas.

Same for me, just added tiny zip ties tonight and that looks like it did the trick : ) One Step closer to being done!

I found a quick and easy solutions that does not involve cable ties, tape, heat shrink or anything else along those lines: Simply loosen up the screw on the belt hold-down bracket, fold the belt material that is hanging out around the front part of the hold-down bracket and under the edge of the bracket and then tighten the bracket back down onto this folded piece of belt.

This only takes a few minutes to implement and will completely solve your problem with the belts slipping.