[Solved] X-Carve Power Supply Adapter issue

Just assembled my X-Carve, all the way to the electronics portion. When I powered up the power supply, all was well. When I added the Power Supply adapter, the PS shorted out. Removed the PS adapter, and all is well again.

Do I need to replace this piece or can I repair it my self? It cam as part of the X-Carve kit.

Keith Williams

I am sorry to hear that. Contact help@ and we will get you a replacement. They will ask more details about the problem and we will probably want that unit back for evaluation.


Am using the unit now, with the spindle and motors wired direct from the PS. Not sure how to contact help@?

Sorry about that shorthand…email help@inventables.com

OK. Got it. I received the replacement PSI, all is well. Sent back the old one, hope they find the problem.

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Yeah, a few people had the same issue, apparently they have a bad batch of boards.

Hi, I think I have the same problem… When I plug in the power adapter, I get a slight electric shock when I touch the Spindle switch. I double checked all my wiring connection and there are fine… FYI I just set up my x-carve now. Founded this topic… could it be my problem too ?

Bad power supply?