Speeding up the process

I was thinking if we hire another person to help run the machines the learning curve can be quite large, here is why.

  1. Custom Bits, we use quite a few bits that fall under ‘Other’ it would be nice to be able to add your own bit sizes

  2. Custom Materials, again a number of our materials we cut do not have an option in the materials list being able to add custom materials would be nice as well

  3. Ability to preset a material instead of it picking baltic birch every time. About 80% of our carves are on red cedar and we have settings specific for that we have to change every time.

  4. I already mentioned the V-Bit Flat Area Step Over, I had to cut a sign twice yesterday because I forgot to set it to 1% again

These small changes would save a ton of time and time is money . It would also make it much easier to teach a new employee our process.



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