Spindle and collect size for X-carve (DeWALT 26200)

Hi folks, I am a young guy from Denmark, and I am very new in the field of working with CNC-machines… :smile: Soo I got a few questions about the router that came with my version of the X-carve, that I hope you may help answer! Well I bought the fully loaded version of x-carve a few weeks ago at the European distributor, Robosavvy! My machine should arrive in less than a week or so (I am very much excited). With it came the router DeWALT 26200, the European version of the 611 version. It comes with a 1/4" fixed collect, but I would like to use all kind of drills in many different sizes, which it does not support.

I have been looking through a couple thousand pages and products, but I am simple not capable of figuring out what parts I should buy, and what tools are necessary to use these parts.

Do any of you have any experience with buying collects or collect chunks in Europe for the DeWALT 26200 router? I have found this on the European version of Banggood: http://eu.banggood.com/Wholesale-Warehouse-7PCS-ER11-Precision-Spring-Collet-Set-CNC-Milling-Lathe-Tool-wp-Uk-972830.html but I am not sure if they will fit in the DeWALT 26200 collect.

I hope some of you could guide me in the right direction to buy some collects fitting the DeWALT 26200, preferable at a European web shop or a place nearby Denmark (no taxes and fast shipping). Thanks!

Unfortunately, those collets will NOT fit your DeWalt. Wish they would, it’d be really handy to be able to use ER collets!

Most of us have procured ours from Elaire, you can find their selection HERE. I have their 1/8th collet, and it is quite superb.

Hi DanBrown, thanks for your answer! Okay… Well that is unfortunately. Not a chance anyone knows about a place to buy such parts in Europe? I live in Denmark, just the shipping costs more than the actual collect, and then comes taxes and duty… :smile:

I found this precision collect kit, which supports DeWALT 26200 router. Will this kit not allow me to use ER11 collects on the DW26200 router? http://www.precisebits.com/products/equipment/dewalt_611_kits.asp?tsPT=!!!Dewalt_611!!!Kit!!!PG!!!#Tabs

As far as I can tell this kit is ER-11 compatible. They write that their kit is based on the ER Spring-Collet standard, but that the collects they sell must be used with Think & Tinker DEPG-0611 nuts and spanners (which would be kit). So their nuts and spanners support the ER-standard. That is the way I understand their documentation.

I think I will write the company an e-mail, I will post my findings here soon :smile:

I just got an answer from PrecisionBits, and you were right, they do not fit the ER standard. Unfortunatly.
“No. ER11 collets will not work in our Dewalt kits. The ER taper angle does not match ANY consumer grade routers.”

Hi Emile, I am also very new in the field of working with CNC-machines and electronics.

Nevertheless I have got the x-carve working with the DeWalt 26200. I ordered it from MasterTools, based in The Netherlands. There seems to be a misfit between US and Europe commonly used drills etc. I also saw that most examples in the US were based on wood carving.

But … this is what I encountered the past few days: The DeWalt comes indeed with a 8mm collet, whilst most precise drills are 6mm or less. On the internet you will find mostly US based companies that provide smaller alternatives to the DeWalt 8mm. But importing stuff from the US is costly.

However I bought a simple adapter (reduction sleeve) from a local shop that actually sells other DeWalt machinery: a cylindrical tube with a single cut in the longitudinal direction. This (cylindrical tube) adapter, which you insert into the 8mm collet, decreases the inner size of the collet from 8mm to say 6mm to fit the respective drill. It will cost about 12 euro.

One thing important: I have been told horror stories about the DeWalt service here in the BeNeLux (time-costly, troublesome, bad in general). From that point of view, DeWalt could simply replaced by a Kress 1050 milling motor (cheaper, better, available and exchangeable collets etc), at least that is what I am told: but this would not fit any of the x-carve spindle mounts (?).

Hi ! I have found a 8mm collet for my 26200 from robosavvy on website “outy-store” (french)

Hi Angelos,

Thanks for your answer! Well my DeWalt D26200 came with a 1/4 inch collect, and that made it pretty hard to find any tools or drills which would fit, since I live in a metric-dominated country :slight_smile:

However, a few weeks ago I found a British webshop, selling three different replacement collects for DeWalt D26200, 6mm, 6.35mm and 8mm. I bought these, and they work like a charm. I am very happy with my my purchase :smile:

The webshop is http://www.mtmc.co.uk/ just search for D26200 and the replacement collects will show :thumbsup:


hi find that in web page of precision bits… http://www.frezycnc.eu