Spindle wont work

so on the while carving the spindle got bound up with saw dust. i stopped the machine cleaned everything out. now the spindle will not turn on and spin.

I would say it did not get bound up but your brushes are worn out.

i only had the xcp for a week. in the middle of a cutout and it stopped. cleaned everything up and still nothing. it will spin when i turn it by hand but will not come on

no brushes, so you can rule that out :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

so its been 3 hrs since i turned it off and unplugged it. plugged it in and set up to carve. turn the spindle on and it sounded like it was gonna start then nothing. didnt not move and i tried again and it wouldnt even make a noise now. yeah thats right it is the brushless.

If you take the cover off the side of the controller, you can see the VFD. Do that after powering the machine up and attempting to start it. Check out what the VFD’s digital display says; post an image here…


Brandon R. Parker

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Fault explanation:

The OC fault is a sudden change in current detection during frequency inverter operation. In order to prevent it from being damaged by an excessive current, the frequency inverter internally collects the current signal and protects itself. Specifically, OC1 (over-current fault during acceleration), OC2 (over-current fault during deceleration) and OC3 (over-current fault at constant speed) are assorted according to relevant reasons.


The reason for the OC failure is nothing but the on-site cause of the damage of the frequency inverter’s components itself.

Solutions: Components damage causes OC fault, we need replace them.

Is this something that i can change?

well, it should be under warranty if you fried something. Or possibly, if it is setting issue? delete your machine and reset it up.

the vfd comes preprogramed, you might want to get those setting if that’s the issue.

An Over-current fault can occur for many reasons…

If the spindle became bound for whatever reason, this would explain the OC fault. Try resetting the fault, and then, attempt to restart the spindle if the fault clears as long as the spindle spins freely before attempting. If the fault returns then either something is wrong with the spindle, wiring, or VFD.


Brandon Parker

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yes its under warranty. brandon how do you reset the fault?

didn’t you get product manual for your VFD, each one is different.

be careful a factory reset, might not be an Inventables reset it will be a manufacture reset.

you should have received something like this. most likely not

no we didnt recieve that. would there be a download from the website?

Kens (and mine) is actually a different brand and model than yours on the XCP. Im sure if you ask customer support for the one for your vfd they will send one that matches perfectly…

For the most part kens would work for yours as well as they are almost all clones…

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i was only able to half of its manual

VFD rukovodstvo_polzovatelya___torov_serii_h100_ch.1.pdf (9.3 MB)

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There will most likely be a label on the side with a bunch of information that you can grab the exact model from. Then, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and download the full English version.

You would only want to reset the fault. Powering it completely down and then back up might clear the fault. You would NOT want to perform a factory reset…


Brandon Parker

I had the exact same problem. I contacted Inventables and they replaced the spindle. The new one works fine.

Yeah they just sent a controller. Gonna be here today. So what are you doing now to keep it from bogging down with chips?

The problem isn’t that it’s bogging down with chips. It may seem like it is, but chips aren’t getting into the spindle. The problem was a faulty bearing.