Splitting a line or circle

Hi All,

Does anyone have or know a way to create a circle and break it in half to adjust the end points connecting the halves? I am trying to create a Christmas decoration with a name in the center, from side to side, of a circle. The first and last letter would be part of the outer edge of the circle with the middle letters connecting the upper half to the lower half of the circle. I hope I’m explaining this understandably.

If I understand your question, @SteveMoloney made a tutorial for those doing the same.


I’ll give it a try. This will teach an old dog a new trick.

Well, I’ve tried the instructions and cannot get this working correct. I’m sure it’s operator error but still having issues. Is there anything with a bit more explanation with the combine option?

Have a look at this, Do you have an example of what you’re wanting to do?


Similar but the upper and lower of the circle are solid and the block letters hold the 2 pieces together.

Rectangle across circle cut at full depth. Name added and set at zero depth.

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Neil’s method works, and is a lot simpler than mine, and it does make it easy to edit the names for multiple different names.

But it doesn’t create the most efficient toolpath.

By combining different elements I came up with this (yeah I spelled the name wrong from your photo, oops)

Here’s the step by step video on how I did it:

And Here’s the Easel Project file: (no guarantees on when i might delete this file as i tend to delete the un needed files from time to time)


Thanks Seth, definitely operator error earlier on. No I have a little better understanding what some of the features do within the application.


Thanks everyone for helping. Seth I appreciate the time you took for the instructions. I’m going to try both methods and see which is best.


Over the weekend I used both methods for the carve. Both have pros and cons. Seth’s design has the best tool path and shortest carve times. Neil’s is the easiest to put together and allows for changing names. For selling these, in my opinion, Neil’s would be most convenient. I do appreciate the time taken to help an old dog learn a new trick.