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Spoilboard annoyance

So I’ve had the xcarve for about 2 and a half months. Had spoilboard issues before and surfacing fixed that. Tempatures in my small area of Southern CA are 118F with anywhere from 20 to 60 percent humidity. Everything was fine until this week where heat went from 109F with 20 percent humidity to the mid 50F with almost no humidity, and now this…

I noticed one side of my xcarve was off the table about 1/2 inch and was ruining my carves. I started to loosen up the board in order to investigate where the root of the problem was. As soon as I started releasing the screws… It was obvious, my board had cupped in the center. Any suggestions to remedy this? Tips and tricks and maybe a better spoilboard?

I got the same problem right now and I to are in so cal trying to figured this out no clue.If you figure it out let me know please thank you

The only thing I can think of is bolting down the spoilboard to the table from underneath to keep it level with the table top. Funny thing is that the table Top is mdf as well, however no cupping.

I will try it tomorrow. I will remove the threaded inserts in the furthest corners of the board. Drill into the table through those holes. Get the threaded inserts installed again. Come in underneath with the longest hold down screws (yellow I think) and tighten accordingly to get it leveled again. I’ll report on my results.

Here is the perfect solution.
ATP5 cast aluminum bed.


Looks nice. What does something like that cost?

I honesty don’t remember, but it was around $200.00
This is cast fixture plate and now my whole machine is within .005"
Attached is the print that I made for it.NEW BED.crv (688 KB)

Sorry, I posted the wrong file.

Where can I find something like this? How thick of a plate did you get?

All the dimensions are on the print. (you’ll just have to size it for your machine)
Its .375" thick.
Do a google search for “aluminum fixture Plate” in your area.
Make sure its either MIC6 or ATP5 CAST plate.
If you research them you’ll find that they both have the same specifications.
ATP5 is cheaper only because you are not paying for the Alcoa name.

Well it worked… So far, I drilled through to the table on each corner and now it sits flat. Let’s see what will happen next…

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I will be making the aluminum upgrade but just a quick fix. And prevents the xcarve from sliding around.

For those who cannot afford the .375 aluminum fixture plate you can try self leveling epoxy.

Damn… and I thought it was bad here in New England!

This was beginning to mid September with 30 to 40 percent humidity. But had to get these projects done

Yesterday I was walking around in a t-shirt, and today I am firing up the snowblower… the biggest issue is all our trees still have most of their leaves. I suspect my chainsaws are coming out later…

Yup. Happens quick here too.

I have had my machine for almost 2 years and have had zero problems with it I read about many problems here but I’ve have none of them and I keep mine in a damp cellar runs flawlessly every time I want to use it.

Must be luck I guess. The pictures don’t lie. Anyways. Took the Z gentry apart and leveled everything again. I’m back and running with smooth carves again.

Just checked on Midwest Steel and Aluminum and for piece for X-Carve 1000x1000 .375 its $1400.00
Not going to happen. Not sure where you are getting this for 200.00


For aluminum tooling plate!?
Are you sure it wasn’t Stainless? Or 3" thick aluminum?