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6mm and thicker than the original.
after replacing it I used 2lbs per inch tension.
the belt was riding in the middle of the drive pulley.
Looked good. Then after a wile into a job the belt moved to the side away from the motor close to the edge.
No matter what that always happens to my belts on all of them No amount of adjustment or anything will fix this.
Hopefully I can run this job and get it done before another belt breaking. Then I am going to hang my hat on this. I will have to either wait for some cash to upgrade to the ball screw or just sell everything and move on to something else. I can’t make money if the system will not stay functioning… :frowning:

I now have my system working better. A friend of mine told me the belts were too tight. Way too tight. I put them at 3lbs per in. Perhaps the scale is off or I was looking at it wrong.

Just finished a new rotary test.
Here is an image of it.

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Holllllllllly cow on that Flash ring.

Great to see you’re impressive upgrades are coming together for you.

Thanks DrewKasel. I am here if anyone is interested in doing these type of upgrades. :slight_smile:

I finally have a working prototype setup.
I am going to do more custom rings. This one was for testing and now I have a solid setup. :smiley:


Are there resources around for me to take a look at how to do a rotary upgrade for my x-carve? I’d love to at least read up on it for when I eventually want to expand the type of work I do!

There are plenty on the forums. Phil (Designs By Phil - Gifts, Cnc) who used to be here has a website where he has a dedicated one. I just followed recommendations and trial and error to get it to carve properly.
Do a google search for cnc rotary axis setup or 4th axis

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Here is the ring on my finger. I cored the center and coated it with a wood hardener. I am thinking of painting it soon.


That ring is most awesome.

Thanks. I am still thinking of how I want to paint it.

Going to start my projects up again. Soon I will be posting new stuff.


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