Still having issues

750mm X CARVE
DeWalt 611
iot relay

1	I open up UGCS and go through the unlock process using $H
	When setting up the work XYZ zero and hit the reset, it will never read zeros.
	In each axis there will be a reading of ~.005 - .012.
2	When the cut is complete, I go back to the machine control tab to move the machine out of the way.
	The machine may or may not move.
	If it does not move, I have to completely shut down the UGCS program, open it up again and go 
	through the initializing process again.
3	Still have the Z axis making a growling noise when it tries to home.
	Most of the time it will not even make it to the top. 
	It just quits and I have top start overt again.
4	Where can I find information to connect and use UGCS to turn on and off the router.
5	Where do I get instructions on how to use the Z probe?

cant answer all of these for you but for the spindle control
search “automatic spindle” for more

z probe

Please keep in mind that I do not have internet service and therefore cannot use Easel.
That is the reason the inventible team set me up with UGCS.

If UGCS is unstable and is therefore giving me these problems, can I use Mach 3 or Mach 4 ?

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This is caused by the voltage adjustment pot
you need to set it right.
I had this issue just recently and when I increased the Z pot I was able to get it to work perfectly.
If you have set the pot and it still growls then perhaps its the V-Wheels to tight.

The UGCS I have is 1.0.9
Should I be using something different?
I’m kind of looking at Mach 3.
Any thoughts?

Mach3 is not compatible with Arduino based controllers, AFAIK.