SVG export from Easel

@AngusMcleod, you are correct. It is harsh to completely categorize Inventables in one broad brush stroke, and most of it was born out of frustration. As a software developer who loves, appreciates, uses, and contributes to open source projects, it’s frustrating when you get excited about a project/product and are willing to drop a significant amount of money to support it, to find that a basic feature (at least to me) isn’t available.

I decided before I finalized my purchase and hit the submit button, I should go through a standard workflow to see how I liked the Easel software. I liked everything about it; from it being an online tool, to the helpful apps (the build a cube, I particularly liked), to the material, cutting heads, and cut depth options, to the preview mode; I really liked it. But when I looked for an export (as the last step in the workflow), I got frustrated when I found it unavailable. I knew it’s not VCarve and the professional grade software, but “Why was it missing?”, I thought. This software did so much, but didn’t support an export option!?! You’re right, I’ll still buy the X-Carve, and I’m sure I’ll love it (I have so many ideas of what to do with the platform), but the export feature, would have put the icing on the cake with no second thoughts.

As a side note, why doesn’t Easel work in Linux or what didn’t work? I ran it in Firefox on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine and it ran without a problem. Which distro are you using?

Hi @JoshuaEliser @AngusMcleod first off thanks for your feedback and discussion about Easel. I will say one thing I have learned in the time working on Easel is no feature has been trivial. If you think about it we are building CAD/CAM/Machine control all in the browser. Over time the capabilities have gotten more advanced but the perception of what Easel is has not changed. As we roll out V2.0 and of the API and incorporate 3D geometry the perception might start to change.

We did add G-code export in the machine menu so you can use any other sender or any other machine with anything you have in Easel. We haven’t added SVG export yet because until the pen tool was launched last week there wasn’t much you could design inside Easel so most people were doing design in Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape or 2D or Fusion 360 or Vectric products for V-carving or 3D. We have a very small team and we are making a free app so we are forced to prioritize. Since people weren’t using Easel for design why spend time making an export when there are a million other features people were requesting including things like making it connect better to the X-Carve and Carvey on Windows. That project took a really long time and continues because Windows 7 does not play nice with the Arduino. @AngusMcleod is correct in that we work on it every week and we are trying to add as many good features as possible each week. Some recent ones were:

The pen tool
Carve time estimation
G-code sending

I’m sorry this particular feature hasn’t been prioritized yet.


This is kind of what I figured. I love that Easel keeps getting better and more feature-rich. I also love that the team has been and remains pretty easy to communicate with.

Personally, the export function would be more for archival and peace of mind than anything else. So I get that it’s been a low priority.

I’ve always treated Easel as the “last link” in the workflow. But sometimes I make changes after I’ve imported a file that fundamentally change it and have a need to get the back out.

It would also be nice to be able to run the apps on artwork, like the inlay generator or dogbone maker, and get those shapes back out of Easel to work on in Illustrator. That would mean I could work more quickly and have better integrated projects to put into Easel in the first place.

Thank @Zach_Kaplan and I completely understand to situation! Easel is already so easy to use; I’m excited to see the future features. When I get back home, I’ll be buying the machine … fun times!

Hey @AngusMcleod I had to look up what Bajan-dialect was :slight_smile: Barbados looks nice this time of year. 82 degrees!

I in know. At the meeting where we prioritize we are going to need to skin out the bag of possible features and put them on the table. We’ll ask wuh you want? Then determine if @AngusMcleod got nuff Easel features.

SVG Export would be a great feature.


Hi @Zach_Kaplan - any progress on this? Just curious. thanks!


It’s not a priority right now. The team is working on some features that I think you will be more excited about.


Hi. Just getting started with Easel and waiting on my X Carve shipment. Can I export my projects as SVG yet or at least print to my stand alone laser engraver?

Good afternoon Zach, I believe I’ve found a work around for this so that there’s actually no need to create the easel function for this. If you go to and create an account, you will be given permission to access a free downloadable program, which was made made by someone on their forum that will convert a G-code file to a .DXF file. So all anyone needs to do is export your work in easel in G-code, convert it in the free program to a .DXF file and either edit it in that format or convert the .DXF format to an .SVG format and open it in any editing software of your choosing. I hope this helps anyone out there that still may be looking for a way to transfer their work they’ve created in Easel to another Cad/Cam program. If anyone needs help on this just shout. Have a good one!

What is the program called Silverfox2487? I have been looking on cnczone, but cannot locate it.

It’s called g-code to dxf converter. You have to make an account first to download it, which is free of charge. It’s a really great, simple program and give you a few options of what you want converted as far as tool paths and raising the spindle and so on, I’ve used it many times. Just open the dxf file in your favorite cad program and you should be good to go. Hope this helps, I’ll post a link to it in another comment

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G Code to DXF this is the link to the page that I found where the download link is located. Just remember, before you can download the program, which is also free, you have to create an account on then you’ll be able to download it. Hope this works as well for you as it did for me, it’s a great tool to have.


If that first link doesn’t work out, try this one - BACKPLOTTING - CONVERT G CODE TO DXF

Worked perfect THANKS!

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Easel now has a project export function that includes SVG files. Refer to this post for more details:


That’s good to hear! This is one of the suggestions I made and remade about five times when I took the survey about a little while back. The method I posted works, but can be a little time consuming, especially if the file you’re exporting in g-code is a large file with a lot of detail, and then you have to make sure you’re vectors are all joined and all duplicates are removed. This should streamline the process quite a bit, I’m happy to hear about this!! Thanks for the hard work!

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Can you give me the software name? CNCZone is a large, complex site and I can’t easily find the software.

I used this feature today, and had an issue. There essentially three separate images in my layout. When exported the project and opened the .svg file, one of the images came out rotated - about 180 degrees, it looks like. I tried it again, first combining the images, and it looks like that solved the problem.