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SVG files bringing extra data

hey there everyone. so im working with affinity designer and im having some issues. my workflow wants to be affinity designer to export svg and then to easel. so I make a shape in affinity and then when I bring it into easel I have this ridiculous fill. anyone have any idea what this is all about? thanks a ton

here’s a link to the thread on the affinity page. it also has video.

I have never used affinity designer but have the same issue when using CorelDraw.
I will select the piece that I dont want filled and reverse subpaths, I dont know what it would be called in Affinity.
Or make sure all of the objects are separated and nothing is combined, then you can assign cuts to each piece.

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In inkscape I copy my svg and paste it into a new instance of the program and save the svg, it prevents the imbeded image fault… :man_shrugging:

just such a pain. thanks so much for your input. greatly appreciated

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its just beyond me how some apps have little tricks that work like that. I can’t believe how janky some stuff is. thanks for the tip. im gonna give it a go here in affinity

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Got an example file?

Yea. I’ll produce one tomorrow when I get back home. I’m a heavy equipment operator on a 16 hour shift right now. So when you say file should I just send the one I’m trying to use or is their a “metadata” export I can use? I’m not super savvy with this stuff.

Just the svg giving you issues. It sounds simple. Even just a screenshot of what’s going on would help.

ok, here’s the file. I tried putting this into easel and it just keeps dragging a solid center in with it. I can’t for the life of me figure this out. ive also added what it does when I input the svg. ive included screen shots for the varying cut paths once the svg is in easel. the workflow im trying to create is for round pieces. I want to be able to make the circle/ring that will be a full cut through the material, I need to be able to do whatever design im doing inside said circle and at this point I just can’t make that work. I then just drew up this face in the circle to show why im trying to do this. if I wanted to just carve a circle with three other circles in it im totally out of luck. there must be some way to do this the right way. oh yeah, the circle with three in it is on the iPad.


So you want a ring?
Looks like you have two circles. You need to subtract the little one from the big one with a boolean operation.

If you’re trying to put a design on the circle, then it sounds like you’re wanting to simply cut out a disk of stock with a design on it? If that’s the case, why two circles? Maybe I’m missing something?

hey Neil yeah, just a ring. that ring is coming from the donut function in affinity. ultimately its going to just be cut all the way through but it has me wondering about a ring at any point in the project. so for arguments sake…say I want that ring to be 2 inches wide and only 1/3 of an inch deep. in the design programs im using they keep creating these gaps and spaces between lines instead of just a path 2 inches wide. so I totally get your point on just cut right through for your stock., but say I wanted twenty rings inside…and in the design program I was just making rings, why does that middle keep coming through and the gaps between lines? so if I were doing something like bubbles and only wanted a ring with all the material still left in the middle…thats difficult for me because I keep getting all these extra paths on not just what I see in my design program. I may be way out of it but I keep thinking that if I make a ring in the design software and then just draw three check marks, I should see a ring and three check marks when I input into easel. ill do a quick example of that really quick. thanks for your time. I really appreciate it

so here’s what I mean about the checkmark idea here’s the “art” in affinity

here’s the svg

Untitled 2

here’s what that looks like in easel.

but I think I now understand whats happening here. the path is only the line in any of these situations. just because there’s fill doesn’t mean that gets hogged out by the cnc. what really got me tweaked out is where are the check marks?

Here’s that same svg with no fill. This is more representative of what Easel “sees”.
Untitled 2_path

Here it is doing what I think you want?
Untitled 2_path_fixedMaybe

In Easel: (Your svg, followed by the two I just shared)

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oh crazy! I think I get it. total learning curve. so what im really supposed to be doing is moving away from my “fill based” version of art and strictly looking at paths? ket me see what I can come up with. thanks so much. I think I might be starting to understand. rad will you send me that svg file so I can look at it in my svg editor and try and wrap my head around it? thanks so so much

never mind. I just grabbed the file from here. (bit slow in regards to this)

and thats exactly what I want. I have no idea how to get there from what im doing. looking at. so when you made that original ring, what design software were you in?

I think my main screw up is “seeing” it different than easel “sees” it. ive got some serious homework to do. forgive me if im wrong but the fly in my ointment seems to have been not turning things into curves. thanks again and I hope im wrong ( I like figuring stuff out for real and it takes me messing up to do so) you’ve been a huge help.

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I used Inkscape, but Designer should be just as capable.
Everything was grouped - ungroup it.
Remove fill and add thin stroke to see paths.
Boolean add/combine/union the weird check mark
Move the inner circle forward, so you can subtract it from the outer circle (it’s weird, especially when you don’t have a fill, but it’s what you want)

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This is how I would do it Within Easel:

those little individual elements were just because I was trying to make a check mark and was treating it like I was in a drawing app. in the check mark that is. what you just sent me is the raddest, there’s tons of info I can use in there. the double circle things is absolutely crazy to me. inside of the software im using im getting the option to make what they call a “donut”. im going to create one now and post the video of my workflow. affinity creates what they call an dartboard and I have to delete that as it creates a black frame around the circle im working on. what im after isn’t really even something im working on, its just the ability to be able to do something in the editing realm and move it to easel. so here’s my goal. on a 24 by 24 piece of material I want to create a 20 inch diameter, 3 inch wide ring thats 1/4 inch deep. just that. if I could figure that out I would feel like all of this is working. so here I go…

so ill upload that file here and you can see what it does in easel. if I can figure this out then it kinda gets me started. who knew a ring would be so hard

new ring

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