Table size

I’m wondering what size table/workbench is needed for xcarve 1000x1000 and does it need to be accessible from all sides?

I have a 4’x4’ table top for mine and alot of the time i need to reach from alll 4 sides. Many people have larger tables just depends on what you need.


Mine is only accessible from one end and one side and I manage OK. Mine is 750 x 1000. It’s on a piece of sheet goods on top of two plastic saw horses. I made my own plywood spoil board and have extra extrusion under it, so it is nice and rigid. I also have Y stiffeners and Riser plates.

Can you expand on this? Did you just purchase a 4x4 table or make a base? TIA

Made it myself. Half sheet of 3/4" plywood for the top and go from there.

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I looked up the measurement with the xCarve and the Xcontroller you will need about 50" x 40", I made mine 52" x 42". I used Targ’s Design Targ's Workshop Build Log ... First Cuts, however I was unable to find any plans so I winged it from watching other video’s and other peoples Designs. Turned out pretty nice so far.

Make sure you use a Torsion Box if you go this route.

Another view of it before the legs went on.

Laughing… Tough call. No smaller than 4x8’. I promise, your machine gets set up, then your computer needs to be close by, then you decide you need an extra monitor, which requires more space. Then you need a place for all your tools (in addition to the bit holder) like rulers/t-squares/pen-pencil holder. Mine is 4x8’ and it still could stand to be bigger.