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Tabs - Specify Amount and Placement

It wouldn’t lift to the safety height until it got below the tab height (in this case 1/8" from the bottom).

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Lifting to safety height is not ideal, but I think the advantages of having movable tabs is worth the additional time it would take.

Any chance that it would be possible to set a job specific safety height?

I am only cutting plastics that are 2 or 3 mm thick - so option 1 would be fine with me.

Allen, if you go to Machine, Advanced, you can set the safety height to a minimum of 0.1mm if you need to. But it’s a project specific change.

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I think pushing the release back a week is a small price to pay to have a more refined feature. Any time savings is always my number one priority!

Hi Everyone,

This feature has been released. See this forum post:




Please change the color of the tabs! I and others can not see red on a black back ground.

Would this be better?

Quick mockup @chrisbalin threw together.



Yes, Thanks!

Hey @BryanKlotz , we changed the color and its live!


Looks great! I have never been able to see red on black unless it is backlit. Really appreciate it!

@BryanKlotz No problem! I’m red/green color blind and it was a bit difficult for me to see, too. So I welcome this change!

Any updates on specifying the number of tabs? It’s going to be difficult to make a couple of my next projects with limited tabs.

@Rusty - I think this will be coming out very soon.


Easel now lets you change the number of tabs:

You can click the up/down arrows or type in a value. Right now it restricts the range to 1-16 per object, and it will regenerate all tab positions when the value is changed.



oh man you guys are the best! Made my night!

I saw that new tick box last night around midnight. :smiley:

Thank you! Can’t wait to try this new feature this weekend :).


How come I don’t see the “use tabs” option when I select an object?