Taller MakerSlide End Plate

I am considering having a number of taller MakerSlide End Plates made to raise the x-carve about twice the height it currently is to accommodate thicker materials (see photo). The cost would be about $18/ea (+$7 shipping for 4). Is anyone else interested in these? It may bring the price down if I have more than 4 made at a time.

I’ve seen others add ‘extensions’ to the current ones and that seems fine. I just prefer to make it more solid.

Here is an example of a taller setup. Phil used gantry extensions (raising just the X axis). I wish to raise the Y (and therefor X). But the results would be the same.


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You may have a little problem with Z travel. Yes you can carve thicker materials, but if you try thin ones, bottom wheels goes off the track. I would say get ready for taller Z axis slider, like open build ones are good. Some guys buying from e-bay.

I understand that. However I already upgraded my my Z axis per https://discuss.inventables.com/t/best-upgrade-ever/42282

Which eliminates that issue.

But even without that upgrade, depending on your spindle setup and/or longer bits, you can adjust it somewhat to still hit the wasteboard with taller end plates. But even then, I have had an occasion or two that needed to carve or etch the top of a 1.5" piece of material.

I just posted this to see if there’s interest.

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His plates are amazing and the cost is similar.


Someone already pointed me there. Happy to go that route instead :slight_smile: Thanks!


for a moment i thought: Taller in Spanish, means Workshop.

i guess title should be longer? bigger? better?

also end in s… plates.

just to avoid confusion.

For anyone looking, I also sell taller plates @ www.tbdcnc.com