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Targ's Workshop Build Log ... First Cuts

Hello, I am new to the site.
I Just saw your Youtube video on X-Carve with your folding table. Would it be OK if I could get the plans from you so I could to make that work station for my small basement?


@Targs_Workshop Great Idea! I have tried to email the email you provided but no luck and just bounces back :frowning: If you are still happy to send through the plans my email is

If anyone has the file for this would be very appreciative if you could forward on to me as it’s a great piece of kit

Hi there,

Looking for the plans to this. Are they still available?
If so please send to


I tried to send an email to and it returned to me saying the domain didn’t exist. If you still have the plans available for the X carve table, I would really enjoy seeing them. Thanks!

X-Carve Workstation Plans.pdf (142.5 KB)
X-Carve CNC Table.igs (8.3 MB)
I hope its okay he just gave them to me free long ago.


Almost finished making mine and then see the plans :grinning:

Not a bad effort from just winging it

I always thought these should have just been added to the original post.

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really nice table design

it seems like only half of the plans made it. it cuts off at the torsion box.

The igs file I opened in fusion 360 it’s all to scale there. I think it’s been a while. But I remember being in the same position not really have the step by step. Mine changed slightly to fit my needs as well. I have a tower not a laptop I cut a hole in the side to keep things plugged in. I added magnets to the legs

Hay can you please send me the plans for this project if you still have them? My email is My brother and I are looking to build this for a 30X30 xcarve.


I would love the plans and measurements for Matthews original folding table or even a close modified version. I have started receiving my boxes with my new 1000mm xcarve today. My original plans on housing and mounting this machine fell through. So I’m stuck working under a carport with limited storage and space options. Any help would be great.

I made mine 60" wide by 18" deep. 34" tall. I made the torsion table 46" wide by 42" deep. The strips in the middle of the torsion box are 2.5". Those are the main dimensions I think you need to get started.

Is there any chance you are distributing the plans for this cart? If so, could you please send me a set at

Thank you,

ATC(AW) Chuck Brower
US Navy (Ret)


Do you still have the plans Matthew sent you that you can share? I can’t seem to hook up with Matt to get them from him. If so, please send them to I would really appreciate it.


ATC(AW) Chuck Brower
US Navy (Ret)

Did you follow plans to build that cart ,or is this your own design? I have VERY limited space and would like to do a cart fold up design on wheels. Yours looks perfect.

If you wouldent mind my email is . Could you send me those plans? Thanks! – Scott B>

Any chance plans for this are still floating around? I tried the email but it rejects when I do.

if someone has, could I get a copy to: there is a _ after upyerkilt


@BradCourt they were posted about 15 posts up.

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