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Template hole pattern doesn’t ever match

Hi all, I am new to this and I have an issue where I have tried numerous cutouts for L clamp and various other slotted clamps and none of them match my Xcarve 1000mm waste board hole pattern? I have lots of wasted attempts. Frustrating. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

maybe calibration is in order…

Ok I watched video, seems a little entailed, lol. I wonder why there is no calibration setup in Easel. I deleted my machine and did a fresh setup and home/zero etc. I also have had some hard stutters with some cut failures and clamp collisions.
I’ll give it a try! Thank you.

There is a calibration set up in Easel. You go to General Settings/Machine Inspector where you’ll see the console line. You just type in $100= ( your new number). Repeat for $101 and perhaps $102.

Now this setting number is just a ratio of “what you want” to “what you are getting” and multiplied by the current number that is in the setting now.

So let’s say you tell the machine to move 1". and it moves 1.100". The ratio is 1/1.1. You do the math . .9090 is the result. You mulitply .9090 by the setting number currently in Grbl. For example we will use 40 in the settings now. 40 times .9090=36.364. You would go to the console and type. $101=36.364 and hit enter. That’s how it is done. If you use a caliper and do this a few times you can really get close to being accurate within a few thousandths, assuming everything else is adjusted properly and you have the upgrades.

Here are the GRBL settings and what they do.

GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf (

Thank you, I did the calibration today and it was dead on to start. Good for me but still doesn’t explain why the carves I downloaded from the project’s library and matched the bit and material to try and get the same result?

Thank you so much!


can you share the easel project and the measured results that are off? thanks!

To Share the project via a link, go to Project>Share and change it from private to unlisted and copy the link and paste it over here.

The holes should be 75mm center to center. I looked at some of the waste boards in the project section and they’re not correct. The last 2 pages in this project is the 1000mm waste board.

Hi Martin, I have a question…after $100= you say put in new number…what number are you referring to? Then if I work in millimeters do I do the calculations in mm or still in inches?

Gert Kruger

I watched the video linked above and it does a perfect job to explain all of this. I found my machine to be spot on and there were no calculations for me but the video stepped me through the process. My hole pattern is still off and so I am checking how I did the carve and if my bit was the same used for the design as I realized if I changed the bit the sizing may be off?
Hope this helps.

Hi Joran, thanx for the reply. Must I download the Universal G code sender?

Grbl settings are all in metric, that said the value you enter is simply obtained by performing an equation, so the units don’t actually matter.

Commanded value divided by Actual value times Old $100 value = new $100 value

Here Phillip doing it within easel.
Oh they moved machine inspector now go to machine>general settings>machine inspector ot just press Ctrl+shift+D and it’ll go straight there.

No this can be done in machine inspector. Check your $100= Value

Then switch your machine to mm and jog across your ruler in mm. Verify the landing point when using 10mm jog increments. This will confirm how appt on you are, then use the math in the previous posts/video to change your $100=value to what it needs to be to correct if off.

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Also note from the math behind Phillip in that thumbnail, the tested measurement can be performed in metric or imperial it doesn’t matter.

If I command 10" and it moves 10.5" then I know my current value is overshooting and i need to reduce the $100 value… let’s say my $100 value was 50 when I did this test… so 10/10.5= 0.95238 (notice that the inches or mm are gone now) so I take 0.95238 times the old $100 of 50 and I get: 0.95238×50=47.619.
I enter $100=47.619

Then I run it 10" or even 20" just to verify its spot on…do the math again of its off… the more distance used for this calibration math, the more accurate the calibration will be… . so if the machine can move 30" then use 30" for the testing distance…

Seth, did you see the photos of my actual measure for the clamp cuts I made? My machine is spot on so I am not sure why the parts are small or don’t have the spread of 75mm for the hole pattern?
Thank you,


Thank you so much, I did a $RST=* which turns out to be a reset to defaullt…and that is way
everything was out.

is there any other $ settings I should worry about and double check since the reset?

What cnc model do you have?

Maybe the slots aren’t actually spaced 75mm :man_shrugging:

Can you share the project you used?

Hi Seth, custom build based on the x carve. I see now that the!
speed at which my x, y is moving is slower than be for.


Is your x,y,x settings