The Easel Driver is out of date (running 0.2.6)

Hello. I’ve recently got my modified shapeoko going with Easel and installed the Easel Driver v0.2.6 and when I get to the machine setup page I’m presented with a “The Easel Driver is out of date” message saying that I cannot use the “Z Probe” feature until I update. The provided links are the same as the driver I just installed. Can anyone on the Easel team shed some light on why it thinks my local driver is out of date? I can’t find any information regarding the z probe feature or for what version of the easel driver it is supported with.


  • Chrome v51 OSX
  • Easel Driver OSX v0.2.6
  • GRBL v0.9j
  • Installed file EaselDriver-0.2.6.pkg
  • Downloaded from

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The solution to this is to download the 0.2.7 driver from the Help menu within Easel. They just haven’t updated the download links or the current version flag yet on the machine setup page.

See this thread.