This has failure written all over it!

I’d like to see it trapped in a small space with a handful of vacuum robots. see who comes out alive.

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thought this looked familiar
Goliath CNC

I like the idea but I don’t see those wheels getting proper grip, especially after the surface got dirty…

Didn’t know it had been posted before it’s been popping up in my Facebook feed all weekend assumed it was something new. The comments in the other thread are pretty much exactly what I was thinking from chips and sawdust throwing off traction to bits grabbing and throwing it off course or off the work piece. Would be a neat toy with a low power laser but other than that does not seem like it will work very well.

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Seen it before. It was part of a funding campaign a few months back. They must have gotten backers who are not like us.

No We are experienced machinists. Despite new people who are starting off at a beginner point. If I didn’t know what I know now I could easily fall for this hype and its cause I do not know about feeds/speeds and how a CNC machine really works.

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I could see myself getting excited for something like this before finding out for myself it is not that simple and this machine, if it ever happens will be extremely limited in its capabilities. X-carve has been and still is a great learning platform for beginners like myself and then you can take it to more advanced when ready with the upgrades inspired by other users here :slight_smile: