Tiling on the X axis?

I have a BobsCNC Evolution 4, and Easel has been great. i have tiled on easel before the feature came out and it worked good. I haven’t been on my machine in a couple of months and saw the tile feature is only capable down the length of the Y axis. Is there any way Inventables can give the user control of X or Y axis tiling?

Easel pro since September 2020,


Why would tiling along the X-axis be of any use? :slight_smile:
The machine is open front/back which make tiling along Y relative to the machine the best option.

How about rotating the design 90deg?


Or set the machine up in a traditional way.

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I have a bobscnc evolution 4, the x and y are opposite. Anyone know how to reconfigure the wiring and the cache to work in easel with tiling?

@JaredStovern Did you read the thread I linked to above?

To swap over X&Y you simply need to connect the X-stepper wires to the Y-output and vice versa for Y.

I didn’t realize that was a link! Just got done reading it. I will definitely refer to that, thank you Neil!!