Trim one element with another in Easel

Hi everyone, I’m just getting started with my X-carve and have a question that’s probably been answered umpteen times, but I can’t find it in the search (probably not using the correct terms.

I’m trying to create a shape similar to a brass tag that you’d rivet to a dog’s collar. A rectangle with a half circle on the right and left sides. I’ve got the rect and 2 circles positioned the way I want them, but now to trim the half of the circles inside the rect and vice versa. Coming from CAD land, I keep looking for a “trim” command.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Select all 3 pieces and use Edit > Combine.

Thanks loads Gord… shouldn’t you be making a Youtube video for me to watch this evening? lol :wink:

Yes, I should but I’ve been sick with a cold for awhile and whenever I find the ambition to go out to the shop I seem to be distracted by this X-Carve thing!!! Must get back to doing some turning soon, before I forget what the tools are for! :grinning:

Hope you get feeling better. I always enjoy your videos.


These may help with some basic questions.

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Thank you, John! I appreciate that. Glad to have you watching!

Thanks a lot, sounds like what I need. I’ll definitely take a look.