Turn Off Cabinet Backs/Drawer Construction

Turn off cabinet backs:

What about adding the ability to turn off cabinet backs? Sometimes there isn’t a need for a cabinet back. Let’s say you have drawer banks or a sink cabinet that you don’t want to cut around the pipes. Toggling the cabinet back off and on would give the ability to eliminate it from the cut list. Currently I am just changing the material thickness or material and deleting it from the cutout screen.

Edit: On this subject is the cabinet back a necessary component of frameless cabinets?? I have only ever built cabinets with faceframes so I may be wrong in removing the back.

Drawer Construction:

Are the drawer sides/back/front/bottom being all the same thickness necessary for the drawer slides that are being used? I was wondering if there could be the ability to change the bottom/sides/front-back material thickness to save on cost. Maybe 1/4" bottoms, 1/2" sides, and 3/4" fronts/backs.

Just a thought!


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Great feedback, as always, Jonathan!

Our team is in the beginning stages of investigating functionality that would allow users to pick which panels they want to include in nesting when generating the workpieces for Easel. This would allow you to exclude back panels when nesting so you don’t have to do the work-around that you’re currently using.

I’ve noted your feedback about the drawer panel material thicknesses so we can look into this as well. We have heard from some users that they prefer to use a thinner material for the bottom drawer panel to save on cost and weight.

We’ll make sure to keep you posted as we keep making progress on this functionality!


One workaround for the cabinet backs right now is to specify the backs to be a different material then when nesting the cabinet the backs will be placed on a seperate sheet that doesn’t have to be cut.

Create a material in the toolbox like “Do Not Cut” and specify this material for any components you don’t want to cut. This way those materials will be generated during the nesting process but you will know not to cut those.

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@ JamesStobaugh1

See this thread… :slight_smile: