Tutorial for working with Illustrator files for use in Easel

First off I want to thank @RobertA_Rieke and @MidnightMaker for the nudge to make this tutorial.

I figured the best way to show how I work with files and prepare them was to just make a screencast video and stick it on Youtube.

So, here it is:

Here’s the script I wrote to go along with it:
Carving tutorial script.rtf (52.2 KB)

This is the first time I’ve done anything like this tutorial, so any feedback on how I could do better is welcome.


Very good guide Mike and your voice makes it a pleasure to watch.

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great tutorial @Mike

very similar to my process and I found myself nodding a lot when watching through yours

Great job! I really liked it. As a new guy to illustrator and easel, I think this will really help once I break it down step by step. Thanks for what you do!

Great video. Did you actually carve this? Can you post pictures of the finished product please?

Here’s the thread about the full project:

Thank you.

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Thanks. Look forward to seeing more.

It’s a great tutorial on a very interesting project. Will definitely help a lot of people and is applicable to a lot of projects. Thanks again for doing this! One of the main reasons this forum is so great, the generosity of the members.

I appreciate that :slight_smile: I’d love to make more of them, just need topics to cover.