Two issues i cant figure out....PLEASE HELP

After running set up machine (where everything appears to be working correctly I attempt o carve my first test carve two things happen.
#1 issue: Z axis does not lower enough to carve into wood. (after using Z probe to set)
#2 issue: After setting X,Y axis (in the homing position lower left of waste board), the cutter only moves over a short distance (not over work piece) then beginning carving in mid air (due to Z axis not lowering enough). Or if I set X,Y axis in lower left corner of work piece the cutter moves up to the right and again begins cutting in mid air (due to z axis not lowering enough. I use my Z probe to set up cutter??? ANY HELP PLEASE.

Did you go through the probe setup?
Try just eyeballing it to set Z zero on a simple test piece. Easel prompts are pretty helpful when running a job… Just skip the probe for now to eliminate one variable.
XY zero is typically the front left corner of your real life stock which you’ve entered the exact dimensions for in Easel.
Report back after you’ve tried a simple test with no probe.

Thanks for replying, I just attempted what you suggested, this time the cutter moved quickly away from home (lower left corner of project) up and to the right several inches. It then began carving in mid air still, but may have been correct height if it stayed over project.

If you jog to the right 2 inches, does it move exactly 2 inches?

I used my mouse pad to move cutter to the right after tapping pad 5 times it moved exactly 2 inches.

I see step interval is set at .1 inch? Does that sound correct

No. Can you go to the machine inspector and type $$ in the console? It will report your grbl settings. Paste them here.
Also, check that your dip switches in the X controller match this diagram. Except many would recommend 4 be switched off (not related to your issue)

i will check now

I did that and nothing happen, however I did see it says no switches reporting?

nevermind that that im an idiot, x carve was not on,


hoping that’s what your asking for?

Looks ok. Did the dip switches match?

yes they matched

Thanks for attempting to help me, I gotta get to bed work early, I will check back tomorrow to see if I can get back with you if that’s ok.

If you jog .5" and the actual movement is 2", it sounds like your microstepping (the dip switches) is off.
Is everything stock?
Can you share the Easel project?
Photo of your setup?
Video of your setup process?

I think your main issue is work flow related.
#1 - when using the probe you need to use the correct offset (thickness of probe)
If it is incorrect the machine may think it is at the correct height and carve happily away.

#2 sounds like you are confusing the wasteboard X/Y0 with Easel Home position.
Green arrow point to where Easel expect work zero to be. Work zero can be anywhere within the “box” the axes can touch.
Easel Home position = work zero

@HaldorLonningdal I agree and that’s why I asked for the project and photo of setup, but there’s this as well.

Yes, I noticed and probe issues (offset) further muddy the troubleshooting water.
So removing the probe from the workflow is a good suggestion.

But, with probe taken out of the picture, microstep or step/mm issues would still make the bit hit the material if zeroed correctly.

Correct, but it sounds like he overshot the stock in X and Y, so there was no material there.

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