Uber Strong Belts

Broke a motor shaft today. Thanks tbdcnc for making some freaking strong belts! Now to get the belts properly tensioned.

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TBC does not MAKE belts. Just buys and resells

this would be operator error not the belts strength level,

also Akamai is correct. TBC does not make the belts, lets avoid spreading mis information pls

Correct, I do not personally manufacture the belting, however, the 3GT3 belting is manufactured for me to my specifications. I have been extremely pleased with the strength and quality. This is the case for most of the parts that I do not personally make. Very few of the parts I sell are “just bought and resold”. I work directly with the manufacturers.

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So you just buy and resell what they already make.

No manufacturer of any quality is going to make special runs of product for a small time reseller at any reasonable cost.

I’m also curious how you sourced someone to personally manufacture you the 9mm radial belts.

I looked up timing belt manufacturing process and this video and many others that are similar seem to show this to be a process that lends itself to large scale production.

Just trying to figure this out, because obviously if you can control the manufacturing of the belts vs the ones we all order off amazon then that’s super cool. I searched my area and all rubber and plastics manufacturers said that my option was amazon or ebay

So you just buy and resell what they already make.
No manufacturer of any quality is going to make special runs of product for a small time reseller at any reasonable cost

This is simply untrue. I have many of my parts custom manufactured for me, and I buy full runs to keep my costs down.

There is a difference between assumptions and facts. You are not familiar with my supply chain, and it is out of line for you to spread misinformation about it.

You don’t have to believe that my parts are manufactured to my specifications, but you also don’t have the right to act like you’re an expert on my parts and processes.

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it’s not out of line to ask a vendor what his manufacuring process is or where he sources his items he sells.

as customer we have this right before we hand over cash. becoming edgy and posting this type of response to our questions is not professional.

No one said anything defemating about you. but a user posted his machine being damaged while using your product, he was under the impression that you made the belts, we corrected him and you confirmed that you indeed do not make them yourself, but that you personally oversee the manufacturing process.

I have yet to hear someone having belts made for them via a local manufacturer,so I asked a close friend who works for a rubber and plastics product manufacturer if this was something I could find for my self and he said it’s large process that takes expensive machinery and he knew of no one in our area, and he was pretty sure they all come from China now. since you formally said to the forum that you used to order your belt clips from china. our questions were valid.

As customer we have the right to ask, you as a vendor have the right to be transparent or be closed off and abrasive to customer questions. but as customers we have the choice where to spend our hard earned money.


I have never ordered a single belt clip from China. This is the kind of misinformation that has continually been spread about me. My original belt clips were manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky, and my “2nd generation” belt clips are manufactured in Utah.

I am not interested in sharing the names of my manufacturers. I have worked extremely hard to source quality manufacturers and quality parts. The names of these manufacturers are a proprietary part of my business.

You are correct that almost all small timing belts are manufactured in China. Mine are as well. Gates also does manufacturing in China. The geographic location of the manufacturer does not determine the quality of the part.

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Haters gotta hate.

One reason why I don’t like posting on this forum. Lots of negativity.


you have asked a Chinese manufacturer to run you a separate line of belts? I couldn’t care less where you get them, but personally made for you is a large statement

I’m not hating Paul, I was posing questions based on your busted shafts.

I would hate for misinformation to spread. for example your shafts may have remained intact if you had the correct info about tension when you installed the belts.

A critical eye is not negativity it is the search for info, and you seem to be posting negative comments towards me that do not do the forum any benefit.

I have not personally attacked or criticized anyone in this post, I have asked questions, you however have now called me a hater and called me negative. I feel that you have now violated the group rules by insulting another forum member

Lance -

Per my original statement, the 3GT3 belting is manufactured for me to my specifications.

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that is fantastic, its a great thing when you can work out deals like this with manufacturers

Lance -

Absolutely. Supplier relationships are key. You have to be willing to work with them to understand their process, and find creative ways to make your parts less invasive.

Chinese suppliers in particular fiercely value loyalty, and if they know you will be loyal to them they will move mountains to make you happy.

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This is not uncommon.

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So I am learning…Hence why I asked.


Please post your specs and how they differ from Gates branded belts.

To be clear, I have not claimed and will not claim that my belting is better than Gates. The guys at Gates are absolute experts, and they make an extremely high quality product.


This seems to be a case for your magic wand!