Under-the-hood changes to the 2D editor

Today we made the first step in migrating Easel to a new internal architecture that’s sturdier and more appropriate for Easel’s purpose as a 3D carving tool for designing and making real things. It represents everything in a project as a three-dimensional volume measured in physical units, and makes the flow of information through Easel more consistent. Check out the blog post for more details!

You may not notice anything different when using Easel. If anything, you should find that shapes feel more solid than before: they don’t slide around when you resize them, their outlines aren’t stretched, their cut depths don’t change when you reload your project or change your material.

(some of the little quirks that nobody’s gonna miss)


Nice! How about when moving small shapes inside a larger shape, the object would want to jump when moved like it was snapping to grid lines?

I’ve had my machine in various states of disassembly over the last few days, but I got it put back together today and then whipped up some simple acrylic squares in Easel to use as spacers for something. The difference is remarkable, and for the first time ever, I didn’t yell at the rectangle tool for being messy and hard to live with. :smiley:

As always, thanks for the all the hard work you and the other devs are putting into this. It’s come a long, long way in just the few short months I’ve been using it and it just keeps getting better!

Looks like it!

Is this something to do with the ‘rough cut’ and ‘finish cut’ I found today when I attempted to carve some text?