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Update: Vertical Design Toolbar in Easel & Easel Pro!

Designing your projects just got easier. We’re excited to announce a new vertical design toolbar in Easel and Easel Pro! :tada:

After gathering feedback from users about their Easel experience, we moved Easel’s design tools to a vertical format. This change mirrors other design programs used by our customers. It also provides you with more space to create your projects in Easel’s Design pane.

This change includes a condensed drawer for the shape icons. Condensing the shapes into one drawer streamlines your experience, putting Easel’s most-popular design tools right at your fingertips.

We’ve also added hover text over the toolbar icons to help you (and new users) understand what each tool does.

We also have a Toolbar Cheat Sheet that you can download here: Inventables_Easel_CNC_Design_Software-Cheat_Sheet.pdf (95.5 KB)

Log into Easel and check it out. Happy designing!


Awesome! Love the new features. I think this a excellent change to an already exceptional free software. Thank you so all the Inventables team members that had a part in this enhancement.


Excellent, and I couldn’t say it better than Phil did.

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that’s all well and good but now I cant access the menu from the right for position, font etc………what am I missing?

me too. what are we missing?

got it…I’m an id10t

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Hi @RandRimbaugh - you should still be able to! Are you talking about the same issue @CoyHaney was having below? If so, on the far right side, there would be little arrows you can click that will open the preview pane back up.

If you’re still having issues, definitely reach out to our Customer Success team so they can help you out!

My problem is shown in this picture and I think is what others are saying … in the upper right corner the tab to get to position, size, etc. the object is covered by the “material type” box and no amount of scrolling or changing zoom lets me toggle that pane from the depth and cut-type view.

We’ve brought this up to our internal team - I’ll let you know what we find out!


The issue should be all fixed - thanks for bringing it to our attention! :tada:


Is it me or did the draw arches button disappear with the update? I cannot make an arc anymore only straight lines.

Hi Henry & Joshua - We’re not seeing an issue on our end here. Does this help?

  • Draw shape or line with Line Tool
  • Double click point you wish to make curved (Shortcut = select point then press E)
  • Select Curved from point editing menu

If that’s not what you meant, can you send us a screenshot of what you’re missing?

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I agree with the others concerning the new “jog” feature. It will definitely speed up work and set up time.

Regarding the Vertical Design Toolbar, as an old programmer and screen designer, I find that locking everyone into a set screen layout does not always work for everyone and in every situation. I think it would be better to let the user decide where they want the toolbar. A little more coding but nothing that has not been done millions of times already.

Keep up the great work and the keep those feature upgrades coming.

Not a fan of the new Vertical tool bar at all , is there an option to move it back?

Hello. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of the new vertical toolbar mainly because it displays over the design grid.
So in the spirit of constructive criticism, how about some of the following?

  • Fix the grid position so we don’t have to keep moving It from under the toolbar.
  • There is room for another 5 or 6 boxes , or more? ,down that left side. How about some empty boxes that your lovely users can fill with their favourite/most used apps. The recent addition of the super gradient app brought this to mind as i was having to keep clicking and scrolling. Its a faff. One click apps must be the way,call it a ‘favourites ‘ option.
  • if the change in the layout is about workflow and making the layout more comparable to other software surely something similar can be done on the right hand ,machining, side.
    So the carve/jog/material/dimensions/bits/preview/simulate/cut settings can all be laid out in the same way , it’ll tidy up a messy looking screen and look symmetrical!
    Keep up the good work. Thanks

I’m with you…not of a fan of the vertical toolbar at all. Is there is a way to have it be a user preference?