Updated recommended cut settings for v bits

Hi Everyone,

We have just pushed an update to the recommended cut settings in Easel Pro for the 60 and 90 degree Inventables v bits. Much like when we announced new cut settings for the flat bits, we worked with @JDM to arrive at these settings for both X-Carve and Carvey through a careful process of running many different jobs with many different settings with each of the materials in Easel.

We hope these settings provide a much more reliable starting point when using v bits.



What spindle speed did you test the feed rates and depth of cuts on?

Speed 1 was used with the Dewalt 611.

Remember, the feeds and speeds are a recommended starting value based on a list of criteria including a scenario that would put the most demand on the machine.

As you become confident with the base settings, there is room to adjust them for a given operation.