Upgrading to LinuxCNC and SaveBase China Controller

Hi guys. I decided when I bought my Xcarve that I didn’t want to use use an Ardunio-based controller. Maybe this was a mistake, but my reasoning was that having LinuxCNC installed would give me more flexibility.

Anyway, I bought these controllers from China for $112.

I have a PC connected as well.

Here are my boards all connected. I do have the Inventables power supply. I plan to document this process as I work through configuring these China boards. I’ll update this as I learn (maybe we can learn together).


Yes, the board can handle an A axis, but I didn’t buy a driver to go with it. Right now I’m able to jog all three of the axes around, but don’t think I have the correct numbers dialed because the movement seems jerky. Going to try to get this dialed in perfect over the next couple of days.


A fourth driver could be use to drive the second Y Axis stepper. So basically you’d have one for each of the Y Axis (Y1 & Y1- which is what I am doing) vs. combining both steppers to one driver.

And that BoB has positions for 5 drivers.

I have two of these systems for sale if anyone is interested. You’ll have to source your own parallel cable (straight through only). Let it go (BOB and three drivers) for $75.

Okay, using two drivers on y is a great idea which i did not think of. I may try that but for now I have x and z at 3 amp and y at 5 amp. This is done with the dip switches. More details to come.

I may be guessing on some of these settings so bear with me as I work through it.

FYI - I ran mine the way you did yours and it worked great.

Kind of guessing on some of these initial settings, but I did download a config file off here that got me started.

If anybody has an idea of initial values on this config screen it’s much appreciated. China spec sheet was sorely lacking :frowning:

Was able to do some x axis testing and not sure I have it right, but it’s crazy fun to play around.

Hmm, so today I find 200 posts about how utterly horrible these drivers are…



I’m in it to win it now, so I’m hoping I can find a way to make these serve the purpose. Have some settings I want to try tonight, so hoping they work.


@Earwigger do you have your settings on timings for them from when you used yours?

I use Mach3. I hooked them up and they worked. The only thing i adjusted was steps per inch and velocity. I am sure these will work just fine for you - especially compared to the stock electronics. If you post a question in a new topic about this software and generic chinese steppers - someone will likely chime in with linux cnc settings for a generic bob.

Perhaps this link can help: https://buildyourcnc.com/item/control-SOFTWARE-linuxcnc

Well my machine is clearly working, as evidenced by this video. Yes, and I need a better mount for my pencil, obviously.

Frustrating, though, I’ve still not been able to find any suggestions for the following:


I have searched the internet high and low, and about all I’ve managed to find are people warning NOT TO BUY these awful drivers. They do seem to work, but I will probably swap them for a higher quality product very soon.


Hi guys. It always really bugs me when people don’t circle back to document what they found in threads like these. While I don’t have everything all figured out yet, I do have progress and want to report back.

The settings attached are able to get me moving around and I’ve even done one pretend cut with the router off. I suspect that my hold voltages are wrong, since after cutting, the driver boards seemed fine; but when I accidentally left them on and idle for 20 minutes they were pretty hot. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. I will post my settings for now.

First of these junk drivers died after 6-7 projects. DO NOT BUY! :frowning:

Need replacements? Mine have worked for years. I have two complete systems just sitting here. Let me know.

Hi Dan,
I recently got the 5 axis cnc breakout you are using. Unfortunately the cd giving the Windows driver appear empty or damaged.
Please could you send me the file of the windows driver to the e-mail address g.delia@unina.it?
I apologize for the request. I think could be the fastest way to get the windows driver. The seller still not answered to my claim.
Thank you