US Quarter Display

I’m curious if anyone was tried cutting the outline of the US and then cutting out spots for the quarters for display. Or does anyone know if you can copy outlines into the Easal program?
Thank you in advance.

You could probably re-purpose my design I did for National Parks Pins. I linked the svg in the disscussion below:

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Awesome job on your project and thank you for the link. I will have to shrink this down some to fit my machine and this might be a bigger project to tackle for one of my first CNC ideas.

Where did you find the SVG file, I don’t see it in the discussion post.

The forum lets you post svg files natively, so the image shown in the thread is actually the svg. You can right click and download it as an svg.

I got the file from wikipedia but did some heavy editing to make it acceptable for inkscape/easel.

Sorry for all the questions. When I download the image I only have two options for saving. .bmp or .jpg

That’s weird, it works fine for me in chrome. I will PM you with the file.