USG T1M6 error

have just installed the latest version of USG and am now getting a T1M6 error, is there a command i can add to the macro tab to tell it to ignore that command. it always seemed to ignore it in previous versions

never mind seems to be an issue with that build of USG, get rid of the T1M6 command and then the same ting happened with the next command

T1M6 is telling your machine to change to tool #1.
Edit your G code and get rid of all the tool changes (M6 commands).

I know but like I said it seems to be that build of USG that is causing a problem, as it wont except any gcode

I had herd room that the current version of the daily build was having issues, so you may want to try rolling back to an earlier version (a day or two)

Edit your post processor to take out the M6 commands anyway. They can cause UGS to do weird things, not all the time so it will bite you when you don’t expect it.

I also add a G90 in the header to make sure it is always running my cut file in Absolute mode.