Using Makita Compact Router with 611 Mounting

I designed and printed ring spacers for makita to fit nicely on 611 mounting. Good thing is the makita is smaller so a simple ring will solve it.

The ring spacer is two part. The lower also has some air deflector so air wont go directly to the materials being cut.


That is fantastic. I just ordered a Lulzbot Taz5 3D printer, and was planning on doing something very similar to what you have done. Great job!!!

Did you print in PLA or ABS. Does the router get warm/hot?

ABS. No my router temperature is just fine, barely warm.

Just wondering, I don’t like printing in ABS because of the smell and warping. Do you think PLA would be OK?

PLA should be fine. I was also printing purely on PLA before but start to switched to ABS cause its more stronger on thinner parts as its more maleable compare to PLA and more heat resistance. I found that good ABS filament with right bed temperature doesnt warp even without those glues. Try the HatchBox brand on amazon. But yah ABS smell some burning plastic but not an issue for me cause my printing is on my garage anyway.

Thanks Francis, maybe I just have poor quality ABS, I will try a different brand of ABS as you recommend and see how I go.

Using hatchbox ABS, I have kapton tape on printbed, heated on 100F and never got a wraping. I tried on the same settings with some other brand and it never stick.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

Another cool find. If you decided to go to AC rounter and still want to have automatic on/off for router, I found this socket trigger relay on amazon for $28. Just need to connect the spindle signal and ground.

For trigger on, the spindle speed should be greater than 10k, e.g. gcode: M3 S10000, else it wont trigger PWM high value for the relay.

No need to build one. :smiley:


I’m thinking about getting the Makita, much cheaper than the DeWalt in Australia.

Have you posted the STL file for your mod anywhere?

Can you post the link, can’t find it.

Could you post the exact socket relay from Amazon. I looked but can’t seem to find it.

@DennisMartin - Looks like this is it.

Thanks Mark, it’s not Solid State Relay. It is Mechanical relay. I don’t know how much can handle. If someone is expert about the difference, nice looking equipment.

@AlanDavis - It says it is rated at 12 amp total. My Makita router is rated at 6.5 amps, so you could possibly have this control both your router and your vacuum if they do not exceed that rating.

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It works well on me. I dont need to power my vacuum from that relay and its actually other way around. I power it from my vacuum, I have festooll vacuum where it detects power draw and automatically switch.

Here are the STLs.

XCarve - LowerRing.stl (181.7 KB) XCarve - UpperRing.stl (22.7 KB)


Thanks Francis :smile:

Have you shared the file (plans) for your 3D dust mount design? It looks exactly like what I am looking for. Thanks so much!!!