Using Makita Compact Router with 611 Mounting

Thanks for the files, Francis. I printed them today at the San Jose Techshop and they came out a perfect fit!

Just set mine up today, relay is only 19$ with an Amazon Prime membership and free 2day shipping… Easel Spindle (to Dewalt 611) control not working [Resolved]

Quick question.
Are the models for the spacers in mm, cm or inches?

Looking for a 3d printer locally via and the question is asked. Apologies if the question is dumb, but I have absolutely no experience with 3d printing.


Would it also be wise to stiffen up the X axis before mounting the Makita? It is definately heavier than the stock 300w spindle I had delivered…

Well… Received the 611 mount today. Last week I bit the bullet and bought a Makita router.

A friend of mine sent me a picture of the 3d printed top spacer. Sadly, he left for a weeks vacation before finishing the bottom spacer. He has this small M3D printer he got from supporting a kickstarter.

Man, I hope this fits. The wait is killing me! :smile:

Couple of strips of styrene sheet and you could be up and carving while you wait for the 3D part.

Hi There, I think I have seen that you are from NZ too. (Sorry if I’m wrong) Are you able to tell me if that relay linked above would work in NZ? (Complete novice here). I have myself a Makita also.

Hi @Kasia,

You are correct, I live in Auckland.

Unfortunately the linked relay above isn’t going to work over here. It will only control up to 120VAC. I wish there was one for the rest of us, but alas there isn’t one as nice as that.

Good news though, the goal is still achievable. You can get a 240VAC Solid State Relay from JayCar. Just tell them the DC input levels and AC levels that you want to control and they’ll point you in the right direction.

It’ll look like this:

You could also get a PowerSwitch Tail if you don’t mind assembly and soldiering.

Warning: While working with 120VAC mains is dangerous and can seriously hurt you, working with 240VAC mains can kill you easier than 120, so please be super careful if you are attempting this project.

That being said, when I upgrade to an 800w VDF Spindle, this is the route I’ll be taking.

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Thanks very much!

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@Kasia where in NZ do you call home?

West Auckland! :smile:

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I found cheaper Solid State relay on Amazon,

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It doesn’t ship to New Zealand, and if it did, it would be the same cost or more. The link I posted is in NZ Dollars not US

Plus JayCar has them in stock less than 15 minutes from where Kasia and I live.

But for those in the U.S. it’s a good find.

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Fewwf, that’s relieve, I thought US dollar. It’s way expensive.

Things in NZ usually are more expensive though. For our version of the DW611 it is something like $360 NZD which right now is about $300 USD… The price we pay for living on a beautiful set of islands in the Pacific.

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It’s not only NZ, most of the countries have awe-full Custom tax, is killing Imported product buyers.

Another Makita X-carve is born!
Holy cow, this upgrade makes sense! It’s an entirely different machine afterwards! :muscle:

Thanx @FrancisMarasigan for the spacer design to make it fit the Dewalt 611 mount!

My friends 3d printer( might not be the best one, but those spacers did the trick! Had to apply a little WD-40 to avoid breaking sweat when putting these on the Makita.

Tada! Fits nicely in the Dewalt mount now.

I am amazed at the speed this thing eats wood after the upgrade.


Oh… and make sure to put dust collection as the next item on your todo list. :smile:

Ive been running makita since shapeoko 2 and when I got the x carve with 24v spindle, first run cutting CF, i immediately say what a joke, this wont even cut clean on very shallow cut. Lol. Quickly bought 611 mounting and make sime adapter for makita and bamm, back on business. :slight_smile:

:smile: This upgrade made my day! Thanx again!

Got a 300w spindle + mount if you need the items for a museum or something… :wink:

I am looking at options for the spindel to X-carve and had a look at Makita in a shop here in Norway. This one: Makita RT0700CJ 710W

I measured the body size to be 65mm. Isn’t that the same as DeWalt?
If I should go for VFD spindles they say that 65mm is correct.

Is the bracket for DeWalt 611 to large for 65mm Makita?

I am a newbe, so my questions are a little bit strange maybe :smirk:

Dewalt Mouth is 68.75mm as you can see on drawing. Might help you.