Using x-carve to plane/joint

How would I use the x-carve to plane/joint uneven pieces? I want to make one side of the boards I glued up together, even as possible but I do not know how to go about doing that. Thank you

You can buy straight bits that have a 1/4" shank and 1/2 or more diameter. You take overlapping passes on top of the material. I’ve done it by just jogging, but you can create a program to do it too. Don’t expect it to be perfect like a surface planer though. This one is for leveling your spoil board…just as an example


I’ve flattened a slab by carving a big rectangle which covered the entire slab 2mm deep (fill out pattern)
Use the biggest flat router bit you got.
Ideally an upcut or compression bit. Make sure the board is not moving!!

I’d advise against using the jogging feature as it’s jumpy and / or too fast for my liking our how can I set the speed? (Not the units per move…)

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