V-carve CUT3D , for UGS

What type of gcode file works best from v- carve , to send to UGS
I tried g-code inch (tap)
And ez router inch (text)
Both without the bit ,
Just wondering what the best choice is for
Windows 7
CUT 3D or v-carve
UGS sender
Arduino , x-carve

If you have the latest version of the software there should be a X-Carve inch option.

Vectric products have PPs labeled Gcode_inch and Gcode_mm that work for XCarve and similar machines. Check the list of PPs when to save your toolpath.

No x-carve option ,I will try
Gcode inch

Thanks guys

You can download the post processor files in the following link

Continuing the discussion from Got V-Carve Pro, what do I need to have to send it to my x-carve?:

I just checked my VCarve install and the PP folder has X-Carve_inch and XCarve_mm in it. I have the latest version of VCarve.

If Im using Vcarve and uploading it thru Easel, do I use the Xcarve PP or the Easel PP?