V-carving in Easel

I would like to try it as well

I purchased the x-carve and upgraded to V-Carve Pro. I am new to all of this CNC and G-code stuff. How do I use V-Carve Pro in conjunction with the X-Carve? How do I send the g-code to the X-Carve so I can carve something that was created in V-Carve Pro? Do I have to purchase additional software?

I would LOVE to try it!

You need something like Universal Gcode Sender. It’s a free program that can take the Gcode you generate with Vcarve and feeds it to your xcarve. Search the forums for UGS and you will probably find tons of information on how it all works together.

I would be interested in V Carving for Easel. I would primarily use it for signs. Thanks!

Check this thread out too!

I would love to try it out. I love the machine. Having to put it together really gives you troubleshooting knowledge. Had one bad cut, but it was my fault. Really impressed and I am glad to have purchased it.

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I’m still assembling my X-Carve, but would rate vcarving as my highest interest.


I would also be interested in trying this out.

We are still working on it but we are excited to see the enthusiasm!


I would love to see this make it out soon.

This is the feature that would make me buy an X-carve.

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I would certainly be interested as well. I am still trying to determine what is possible, but Carvey & Easel is getting me motivated. I think the more easel can do, the more tempting it makes your hardware.

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V-carving would be great

Count me in .
Is there an estimated date?
I don’t want to spend $ 349 more on Vectrics v carve :frowning2:

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For those looking for something they can try now. The November 2015 update of Autodesk Fusion 360 added a V Carve feature. You create a sketch, add your design (need to explode text so it’ll carve), then go into the CAM environment create a setup, then use the 2D engrave operation (remember to set the bottom depth to the bottom of the stock) and it’ll v-carve the design. Fusion 360 is free for enthusiast/startup use. I generate the g-code from Fusion and am currently importing it back into Easel (using the new feature in Easel) to send to the X-Carve. Works quite well so far, though I’m fairly new at CNC - I’ve been using Fusion 360 for 3D printed designs for almost 2 years and now I can use it for both 3D printing and CNC.

I should also mention that Fusion works for both Windows and Mac.


@StevePrior I have never used Fusion 360 , is there a tutorial somewhere to do this?

It’s not as feature-complete as the Vectric stuff, but F-Engrave is free:


Fusion has got quite a learning curve, but that’s because it’s really powerful. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube and the Autodesk website. The Fusion forum at Autodesk is really active and helpful - it’s happened to me several times that I asked a question about how to do something and within a few hours someone had actually recorded a screen session showing how to do it.