Walnut Ducati Coasters

I made some Ducati Logo themed drink coasters as a gift… here are some pictures of the process. I’m also trying to put together a website of all my projects, where the various files are available for free ( chopbangbuzz.com )

First I traced all of the logo’s from the various Ducati eras that I wanted to use:

Next I cut down some walnut to the size I thought would work for doing 4 coasters at a time:

Since the walnut stock was so thick, I resawed it in half:

Then I planed it to remove the uneven resaw cut:

The fun part - a V-Carve of the logos!

I machined pockets into the back of each to fit the coaster pad:

I don’t have a lot of the box assembly, but here are the miteres being machined into the various pieces:

I went with leather for the pad since I had some laying around and though it might look cool:

The machined pockets had rounded corners, so I sanded down the corners of the leather pads to fit:

Applied some barge cement:

Glued on the Leather:

And just held it on in place with some chunks of aluminum I had laying around:

I used mineral oil on these:

I also decided to oil the leather itself with the mineral oil… After a test I thought it gave it a cool aged look:

Here’s the finished result!

If anyone wants the vector files, models, plans, whatever, they are freely available at my site: chopbangbuzz.com


They turned out fantastic!

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Thanks!! I really was happy with the end result… made all of the sanding… and sanding… and sanding… worth it :slight_smile:

I think with epoxy filling it will look better

That would have cleaned up the bottom a bit more (smoothed it out), but I’m not sure it would have had the same… dunno what the word is, I guess classic look? I even skipped on using a poly-coat to avoid any plastic appearances…

Here’s a more detailed view of the build and you can see it a little better:



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Thanks Marc! The files are free on the website. Also, i’m definitely looking for feedback as to whether I’m providing enough files/detail, or if I should be including more. I’m trying to include the most generic/usable files, but I know some people look for specific stuff (STL’s, STEP, DXF vs. other vector formats, etc)

Some cool stuff coming down the road, including this arcade pedestal I posted here a little while back: Project you are most proud of

Pretty remarkable detail in your post and an impressive outcome. That can be very time consuming, thanks for putting in the effort to show your process so thoroughly.

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Thanks Adam, much appreciated :slight_smile: Check out the accompanying video if you get a chance, or any of my other videos. I’m hoping to gain some subscribers, and putting out regular videos and free designs/models/etc