What can I do with a large CNC?

I have very large (maybe 6ft by 9 ft) CNC that we have purchased from our neighbor. He made it himself, but it is very sturdy and seems to work well. We also purchased a 1000 X-Carve from him. I have never used a CNC at all until a couple of months ago. So now, I am trying to learn how to use them. I’ve done a little with the X-carve and really enjoy it although I have a lot to learn about it. I am a Geometry teacher, so I enjoy all the math behind everything. Just trying my hand at making some signs right now. I am really wondering what in the world I can create with such a large CNC? Any ideas? Thanks!

Large commercial signs with minimal tiling required.
You could place a full sheet of plywood on the machine for flat pack furniture components.

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Big Signs.
Lots of signs at once.
X-Carve wasteboards
Arcade cabinets
Doll houses
Dog Houses
Climbing walls
Giant math manipulatives
Everything you see here, but bigger.

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Thank you! I haven’t thought about furniture components.

lol! Thank you! I definitely haven’t thought of all those! Love these possibilities!

Yes research flat pack furniture.
Lots of possibilities.

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A Boat


You could sell it to me and let me figure it out. :smiley:


Haha! Not exactly sure how that would work! :smiley:

Actually, we did think about selling it. But after playing around with the X-carve, I think it might be a pretty fun toy! Lol!

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Just curious, what does the big one have for spindle?

Honestly, I don’t know. But here’s a picture of it. Maybe you can tell me.

Not sure but it looks like it is water cooled.

I agree with Wayne. That looks to possibly be 1500 watt dc unit. It would be very quiet compared to the routers most of us are using.

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Probably 1.5kW or 2.2kW with an ER-20 collet.
What’s the machine controller look like? Is it a Mach3 controller?


Yes, it’s Mach 3 and I guess 2.2 kW. Here are some more pics. My neighbor was very generous hearted and he was in a situation where he couldn’t take it with him when he moved. It’s been sitting there for almost 2 years, because we haven’t tried to learn how to use it until now. Suddenly, I’ve been very intrigued.


Yes, it is cooled by water or some sort of coolant.

Looks nice.

So actually, we have decided to sell it. Asking $3000. If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks!

I wish I had somewhere for it.