What did you do with your old Shapeoko 2 end plates (when upgrading to an x-carve)?

Hey so I figured I would share this, and some pics of my setup. I was thinking about stiffening the Y axis and was getting ready to mill out some side plates in easel (from the projects section) when I realised that the old end plates from my shapeoko 2 were the perfect size… all the holes in the right places. So I just cut the tops off and fitted them between the maker slide and the bottom support extrusions. Thought it might help someone else… enjoy!


why didn’t you distribute them evenly?

Still yet to tighten then down… and I am planning on including more I think, so was holding back.

I would put them on the outside so your waste board has the rails to set on

you should look at the pic and think that through. There is a slight flaw in your logic :sweat_smile:

I mean the lower rails I know the top one need to be on the inside but the lower base rails move in so it is on the outside.

ah haha

Ah I see, good plan… that way there is still space on the rails to tie the wasteboard into/onto it. I will certainly be doing that!

what is the size of the aluminum raiser?

I cut new supports from 0.25 inch aluminum. I made the lower part where it attaches to the wasteboard 0.125 inches, so the lip rests on the wasteboard. It is solid as a rock.

Wow I like the end plates with the double support… you don’t happen to want to share the file for that do you? impressive work.

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I can share the files later this evening, I did them in V-Carve.

Top man!!

Here is the file for the new endplates I cut. It is setup for 1/4" aluminum, you’ll notice the cutout is a pocket instead of a profile cut, I do this to make it easier to clear chips out of the cut. There are also no tabs of any kind to hold the piece in place. I cut the holes first, added screws to secure the pieces to the wasteboard, then cut out the pieces. If you cut these, realize that your router/spindle will no longer reach the stock wasteboard, I replaced my z-axis as well giving me 6 inches of travel. Feel free to use your own initials instead of mine for the v-carve :slight_smile:

End Plates.crv (2.8 MB)

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@ErikJenkins would you mind if i asked someone to convert this .crv file to a svg as i havent yet got v carve ?
thanks in advance

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No problem at all. Enjoy!

Thanks so much appreciate it !