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What kind of acrylic

Please light me up what kind of acrylic
which is good for milling pictures on

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“Cast” acrylic.

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What means by “cast” acrylic

thank you Sir, now I know.
Can you recoment bits and settings for
I was thinking to do something with
led lights

less flutes is better, high feedrate, lowest rpm and low DOC.

60° V bit
.03" depth of cut
100 IPM
I never go over the number 1 speed setting on the router.



wow, what a beautiful things
is those made with cast acrylic?
how thick are they?
btw. thx for the settings
I’ll try it when I got the acrylic.

Its 1/4 inch cast acrylic

Ok thx
looking on internet to find some.

is the surface smooth after you have
milled it ?
I have tried on a bit plastic I had
in the shop, but when i touch it
it didn’t feel smooth when I stroke
my finger over it.
I feel a slight edge

The cut surface will not be smooth.
But that’s ok because it is on the back side of your project.
The “show” side will be completely smooth.
Keep in mind that whatever you cut will have to be in reverse.
As an example, this is the design for the Harley sign.

aha thats why.
thx for the hint
I let you know when I found the acrylic.

john is pretty spot on. ive made some led edge lit pictures. turned out great. one more bit of advise is since you are engraving, make sure your bed is consistent height. if you havent resurfaced for this yet, its pretty important. especially with spindles/routers. i built my c02 laser cnc, and use that for signs now. results are much better for edge lit signs.

I’ve been buying mine from fplastics in Florida on ebay for 3 years. Great product, good prices, excellent customer service.

I’ve used these folks for years. Never had any issues. Everything comes double or triple wrapped in cardboard.

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How do you mirror that? Or reverse as you say?

If you’re using Easel, I cant help you because I have never used it.
I use Vectric software and its a simple mirror operation.

Have you cut anything yet?
I would love to see it.

In Easel select art then click on Edit and choose the Flip option.

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Just for folks visiting this thread later in time, you do the engraving on the back side and it is not smooth or purpose. The way edge lighting works is acrylic works similar to fiber-optics, where the light is reflected internally up the sheet of acrylic by the 2 smooth surfaces. Which is why without engraving the light just goes in one side and out the other. But where you rough the surface you break the reflection and the light comes pouring out, and if you rough it up enough that light is diffused on the way out making that pretty glow. And don’t feel bad when you forget to flip it (everyone has done that).

Oh and important tip. Everyone tries a photograph this way, which you need to do as a hig-contrast grayscale and most importantly invert (white becomes black) which you can do in most image editors (photoshop, gimp) because you want the lines of the object to show up.