What post processor do I use for aspire project on XCarve using 2 tools

This is completely new to me. I have a design that will use 2 bits. I will be using a V bit and a end mill. I have an XCarve. What post processor should I use? Will it let me change bits once it is finished with the first?

I do have each of them set as a different toolpath. I plan on using the Universal G-Code Sender. I am not sure which post processor I should use. Also, once it is done with the V bit, will it stop to let me change to the end mill and then go back and complete that part.

Thanks. I will check that out.

ok, thank you

You can find Vectric post processors for the Xcarve here.

Thank you. This is my first project making a design in Aspire and wanting to send it to XCarve. I didn’t realize there is so much to learn. I have much, much to learn. Just hope this gets easier as time goes by.

It does get easier once you learn the flow.

Each tool path should be saved as a separate file (Aspire/Vcarve does support tool changing and 1 file for multiple toolpaths but the Xcarve does not so pretend it doesn’t). You’ll save each path using one of the post processors that Larry linked to. Then, in UGS, you will load the file for tool path #1, load the bit and zero for it. Then you’ll run the first toolpath. You’ll swap the bits, re-zero with the new bit and then load and send the file for tool path #2.

I’ve got one design that has 5 toolpaths using 4 different bits and it’s no problem.

Thanks. This does make sense to me. I really appreciate your help.