What to do with the post processor zip to run vcarve pro?

What do you do with the freakin zip file for the PP(post processor)? I hate easel, so I bought vcarve pro but low and behold that needs the right pp. All I can find is a zip file, what do I do with that? The documentation is really bad for this. I know its open source but damn. If I ever figure all this out I will write one hell of a diy-how to for all the other newbe’s. I got the zip, then what?
Thanks for any help.

VCarve has “X-Carve_in” and “X-Carve_mm” in its Post Processor list when you install it. At least the Desktop version did when I bought it in July. Go to the save toolpath option and scan down the list of post processors.

In that ZIP file you should find two files one is the X-Carve PP for Inches and the other is the X-Carve PP for mm
You need to extract those two files and put them somewhere that you can find them.

Open your copy of VCarve and under the File Menu click the “Open Application Data Folder” item

A file explorer window will open that looks like this

Open the directory named “My_PostP” and copy the two X-Carve post processor files into it.

Now when you save a toolpath you will have the option of picking which of the two X-Carve Post Processors (Inches or mm) you want to use. I always choose inches.


Are those PPs different from the ones packaged with VCarve?

Yes they are customized to work with Grbl

Then, what are the XCarve PPs packaged with VCarve designed to work with?

I did not get any X-carve PP’s when I bought VCarve.

When I purchased V-carve Pro (from Inventables) it didn’t install any post processors for the X-Carve. I had to add them into the system.

Does it come with X-carve Post Processors now?

V-carve works with hundreds of CNC machines and many of them have their own post processors.

Maybe the package Vectric provides to machine builders doesn’t have the full lineup of PPs. The package I got directly from Vectric in July has a long list of them.

Since he specifically talked about the X-carve PP that’s what I focused on as well. My install did have tons of PP for professional machines.

Sorry it took a while to get back, But Allen’s help worked like a charm! I haven’t carved yet but all seems to be well. Carved a circle in the air perfectly! Thanks so much, I always come here pissed off until I get help and leave happy. I hope I can help others some day soon!

Glad it worked, You are really going to enjoy using Vcarve.

My zip file didn’t have those two files… What am I doing wrong?