What's Wrong?

I’m sure this isn’t the first time, but what’s going on. I feel like evrything is tight.

Feed&speed to aggressive / bit not working good ?

How it the result if you carve less aggressive?

Running at 30in/min, through pine, with a brand new v bit. I don’t dare to slow down much more. It seems to be more of an issue with the pathways. At least I think. The only thing that is loose is the bottom wheels on the z axis, so I can kind of rock the router a bit, but everything else is locked down.

I assume the fuzziness is the pine, I get that with my manual stuff, just a little frustrated.

Being that you are not finishing where you are starting, there is a loss of steps somewhere. Assuming that you have calibrated your steps per mm and changed the requisite values in machine inspector, I would say that something is not tight. Likely V-wheels.

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Well, now I gotta go figure out how to calibrate my steps! LOL.

It seems to be worse with a v carve. I have cut larger letters out and it seems to be ok.

if your router is wiggling that would be your issue right there…

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It doesn’t seem to be. I can move the router on the z axis when it isn’t turned on, but it seems to power through when the machine is running. I have the DeWalt, and I’m cutting white pine. I think this afternoon will include trying to tighten it up.

Is it worth purchasing the X Controller? I’m assuming that will be a resounding yes.

Thank you!

I don’t want to break the bank, but I also don’t want to pull my hair out. So, there’s that. I don’t think I’m going to run out tommorow and order it, but, maybe with some extra OT I might be able to splurge.

Calibration will not fix missed steps.
Search missed steps. Or it is like Robert said, something is loose.

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Thank you. I did calibrate it, and it seems to be a little better, but I am still getting that “bump out” so to speak.

Do you notice the machine “skip”? Can you try a perfect square in some scrap (looks like you have some recently available)? Initial guess is always a loose pulley.

I’ve got wood coming out of my eye sockets! LOL I will try that.

There’s your issue right there! That router shouldn’t rock AT ALL. You got some wheels loose or something’s not tightened down properly.

That I do. I need to purchase the eccentric nut upgrade as well. I did another carve as is. Better with the calibration, which was off, but not the best. I owe you guys a beer, or cider, or whatever you like lol

One of my top wheels on my gantry doesn’t contact the top rail when the X moves back and forth. No biggie, I’ve tried and tried to adjust that and I think the holes on the aluminum gantry were just drilled misaligned. I went with the larger eccentric nuts from the beginning. Those should be mandatory and included with the machine when purchased.

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So, I bought my router in the Spring of '16, was busy all summer. Set it up in the fall of '16. Must have been one of the last of the old carves…

So it is better after calibration.