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Which version of Arduino IDE

Hi Guys,

Downloaded IDE 1.8.2 - is it ok or I need to get an older version ? If yes, which one will be best ?

Win 7 Pro 64



It is somewhat dependent on what you want to do.

For general work, that version is probably ok.

If you want to compile grbl, then you might need to be concerned about the version you use as some versions have an issue where the grbl build (1.0c) is too large to fit on the 328P.

IIRC you need 1.6.9 or older to flash Arduino Uno etc with updated GRBL

No. There is a problem with the “Arduino AVR Boards” version when compiling grbl version 1.0c. With later versions of the Boards code, generated code is too large to fit in the 328P flash memory.

If you have “Arduino AVR Boards” version 1.6.11 or before you don’t have the issue, but you can use the 1.6.11 version of Boards with later versions of the IDE.