Will Vista still work? My only option, please help

Before 8/19/19 can I use Vista to operate my new xcarve?

If I download the 0.3.3 drivers will it work?

Please send help and thank you.

Vista won’t suddenly stop working. If you are happy using Vista, carry on sing it.

Since Easel runs in a browser a potential issue is that none of the major browsers currently support Vista. So while Vista won’t suddenly totally stop working, it won’t get security fixes, and if there are browser compatibility issues they won’t be fixed.

A laptop capable of running Windows 10 and Easel can be had for relatively cheap.

Hi @TreacyJackel - Before 8/19, Vista should work but as of 8/19 it will no longer be supported as we posted a couple weeks ago. If you’re having any trouble updating or with questions, give our Customer Success team a call or email here.

Surely being supported and not working are entirely different things.

I have run a computer repair business for over twenty years and many customers refuse to upgrade from Win 7. The machines still do everything they want them to and accept Microsoft no longer ‘supports’ win7.

We keep a few really old system unit around as a couple of local companies still run very expensive industrial CNC’s on DOS operating system.