Wood bending technique

hi guys ,just curious if anyone has done the wood bending technique on the x carve if so is a simular cut as to cutting on a bandsaw.

Can you describe this a bit more? When I think of wood bending I’m thinking of steam bending or bending with a heating blanket / pipe and a jig or mold.

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He’s referring to a process where you take a piece of wood and make a series of relief cuts on the back, the kerf of the blade removes enough material that you can actually bend the wood into a curve.

Check it out here at about the 3:20 mark

If the wood is thin enough and with a small enough bit, you could try a living/lattice hinge type. I did a few with a laser: "Living" / "Lattice" Hinges

Oh ok, that’s called kerfing. I’ve done that with a radial arm saw, but lots of people use a table saw. I couldn’t see why you couldn’t do that with the X-Carve, I feel it would take a lot longer than using a table saw, radial arm saw or even a circular saw.

Living hinge method is a nice way of bending plywood and acrylic. Used it a lot with students at school. I have only used this technique with my laser cutter though. This is an example of the housing I made to house the electronics of an MP3 amplifier.

There was a brief but interesting discussion of living hinges with an xcarve in this thread: SO2 electronics enclosure

I’ve unfortunately not had an excuse to try it yet.

specifically this: :sweat_smile:

hi guy it was just a thought that i had looks like im going to have to order myself a jtech laser as ive been wanting one anyways ,this has just made up mine to get one.as well as other ideas.

You could also build in a puzzle joint on the ends to complete the loop.