Wood, paint, and Xcarve

Hello Fellow XCarvers,

I am trying to come up with a technique to carve painted signs where the background is one color and what I carve is one or more other colors.

Any advice on how I can do that?

I thought about painting everything the background color but not sure how to effectively paint the carved areas quickly and effectively.


This is something I have been experimenting with as well.
The pain job depends on the number of colors and how the overall look is going to be.
There are several people here who do well with what your asking.
Here are a few things I found:
if you use shelac make sure the can says wax free.
Another clock face - #2 by RobertA_Rieke
Painting a sign? - #4 by RonSwanson

Thank you for the great advice. I think I am going to buy the Oracal mask today and give a shot this weekend.


King-CoreCore-ColorBoard-Literature.pdf (5.2 MB)

Another masking technique is to use tracing paper and spray mount that is light tack.
I do this when I air brush.