Wood signs

A few signs i made for family and friends. one made in easel and the other made with fusion 360.

The first sign was coated with 3 coats of high temp engine enamel then sanded to give it a weathered effect.
The second was stained all but the lettering then giver 3 coats of poly.


Do you spray the engine coat on first then cnc it?

yes. And i use engine paint because it dries fast and makes a thick hard coating that is harder to sand off for certain effects. So far VHT has been the best brand for me I can apply 3 coats in 10 minutes and be ready to cut in about half an hour.

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Ok was this done in easel? What kind of bit did you use?

bits used were .077in. and .25in.

and i use these diamond cut endmills on the detail cut because they leave no tear out and very little fuzz


Well done! I love the first sign!


Thank you.

Lay down and play death, she is right behind you. :slight_smile:


where do you get that kind of bit. do you have a link?


Nice! Thanks

Do you have a link or more info for that bit? (looks awesome)

Google image search works well for finding things like that.

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Yeah, not sure if it’s a uncommon router (for the XC) or if it was a “close enough” picture from the OP.

Those should be nice, in six week when you get them :slight_smile:

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expired eBay auction removed

When do you want to use a straight shank vs a flat nose spiral?

Yeah oops on my part was just looking for a photo of the type of bit i used. By the way I use them for milling aluminium to easy to resharpen to. They do chatter a bit more cutting metal but the metal does not bind up in the bit either like some milling bits

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Each to their own but i use them for just about everything soft metals, plastic, wood. My take on it they were made to be used in a high speed cutting tool unlike the milling bits we use on the xcarve. Dont get me wrong I do use milling bits to but the 2 flute router bit is my go to bit in most cases. And on the plus side they are pretty common and easy to find at local hardware stores

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close enough lol