X axis help

so i just installed the z axis upgrade from cnc4newbie and its pretty amazing i was hoping it would help with biting or jerking when it works left to right or right to left but still getting quite a bit even after re-tightening the vwheels and the belt on the x axis any help or ideas much appreciated i was cutting at 90 ipm at .08 1/4 downcut bit.it does do it even at 70 ipm just not as violent.

checked belts they are in good shape.circles are fine till it reaches a point where it needs to go left to right or opposite straight lines is where it really starts up…you can see in the wood the ripples or lines it makes as it shakes.

Can we assume that you adjusted the V wheels on the Y as well?

Correct all tight n good to go. Those would be used to go forward and backward not side to side tho

The cuts it make are super smooth on the wood on the bottom just on the sides that are left to right or right to left up an down are fine even on angles like a diamond ,rectangles or squares used a digital micrometer i think its called and its barely off side to side used a square and a level too.maybe things are to tight? Yep setting on 1 as well thankyou for ideas anything helps me figure this out

I have church tonight but i will rec and link it to youtube maybe im missing something i really thought the upgraded z axis would help this out i had this issue before upgrade

barely i ment was like 2.6 to 2.59
here is a quick video the first line wasnt so bad but the 2nd one is alot worse and typically what happens alot on the side to side cuts maybe just to aggressive i just fig with the upgrade it would be able to run faster and shallower 1/4 dc bit .08 1/8th cut id make a longer video but short on time

https://youtu.be/98372ZuUFUU fixed video with sound

Ok ill give that a try ill try cutting at just .08 to make sure thats not off first then ill give the .06 a go…easel was set on 90ipm not sure how to double check that if speed is good

ok this is test number 2 cut is .08 the speed is 90 ipm depth of cut is .08 i measured after came out to .0850
ton of chatter…

this next one is your recommended setting of .06 same chatter same cut .0640 same speed and bit

ill post a vid tomorrow showing that everything is tight vheels and belt maybe someone will catch something on it

I only get this chatter if bit becomes dull.
Besides, using your router very high speed doesn’t solve the problem, cause bit to go bad. Slow your feed speed instead. It’s too fast on feed (Ipm)

What is your belt tension for the X-axis?

It does i said at the top i just upgraded the z with cnc4newbies z axis . Im not sure how to correct or get a .000 board .005 difference shouldnt make that much chatter

I dont have a way to check pounds but its tight enough to make that guitar noise when you pluck it

Always set on one bit is still sharp

If it was that off wouldnt it have chatter in all directions instead of just one way

showing that everything is tight i cant even move vwheels by hand and belt tightness even at 70 ipm it does it

ok ill try loosining them