X-axis off after 1st depth cut

I am having an issue that is really bugging me. My machine cuts squares an circle perfectly according to a tape measure -

The problem is if I can’t cut in 1 pass my x axis is off and it’s always off to the left - attached is a photo

the picture is of HDU - i know that the problem isnt feeds and speeds as that cuts like butter - i have had this problem with everything, HDU, wood, PVC -

Any thoughts - I am creating my gcode from Aspire and using Arduino and UGCS


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It could be a few things…

Belt is slipping?
Pulley set screw is loose?
Voltage on Potentiometer needs adjusting?

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What machine is that?

A shapeoko 2 enlarged to 5’ x 8’

Pully set screw that connects to stepper motor? I can check that - what would make the belt slip? The pully set screw?

I will play with the voltage - I am running Nema 23 262oz on both x and y axis nema 17 stock on Z

If the set screw is loose, the stepper shaft might slip inside of the toothed wheel a step or two and lose its position.

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The pulley can cause you to lose steps, the belt slipping (I use heat shrink on the ends to keep it from slipping).

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I have electrical tape around the end of the belts to keep the belt from coming loose from the strap…I will check and see if the pully is slipping causing it and check with the voltage a little

Thanks for the fast responses


The belt pully that is attachted to my stepper on the axis was missing both set screws - so I am guess when it was moving the belt tension was causing the pully to spin more than supposed to causing it to miss steps - not sure why in one direction but when I get a chance i will cut a file and see if its fixed


Just did a 2 hr rough cut with 3 layers - same file I was trying to cut and it had 0 missed stepped and cut perfectly - Huge thanks and shout out for the quick replies and problem solving!


I am having the same problem, everything is nice and tight, I’m well confused. Heres all the info is anyone can help me out that would be AMAZING!