X-Carve 1000 soon to be ready

I have finaly started the build of my new X-Carve.
I find it being a great starter machine :smile:

I ordered the basic kit With Nema 23 steppers.
I will add a Gecko G540 Controller, and a water cooled spindle.
Regarding the spindle I might have gone a bit too far, using a 1,5kW. It was Heavy.
After some Reading here in the forum, I have already ordered som aluminium parts for stiffening of the machine.

I have an 800W water cooled spindle and I thought it was too heavy. Turns out to be lighter that the Makita router I’m currently using.
Will your machine be running under Mach 3 or Linuxcnc? My G540 runs under Linuxcnc so if you need a config file, let me know.

Ok. have you done anything to reinforce the machine?
I will be using Mach3.

I haven’t done any stiffening mod as yet but I’m planning to apply this X axis mod tomorrow.